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Covert / Radar Camera & Data Collection System

For Use in... Law Enforcement & Privately Monitored Speed-Control Locales

Our vehicle activated flashing digital display radar speed indicator trailers and signs woith optional data collection covert camera are effective traffic calming devices that are used by police, law-enforcement and city safety personnel to act as ‘traffic decelerators’ resulting in vehicle speed reduction which will reduce accidents, save lives and protect property.

Engineered for reliable, accurate performance and long life with minimal maintenance, US Traffic Controls, LLC radar trailers are exceptionally effective and affordable. These "Traffic Decelerators" are proven methods of traffic calming used to reduce accidents, save lives and property, and permit more efficient use of law-enforcement or safety personnel. Incorporated into many of US Traffic Controls compact, environmentally discreet designs are the latest IntelliSpeed K-band (24.15 GHz) radar enhancements, ensuring readings accurate to within +/- 1-mile-per-hour.

Unlike conventional one-dimensional, or "passive," speed-zone US Traffic Controls radar trailers are multidimensional—active both in operation and motorist perception. Flashing LED displays visually alert drivers and radar detectors to the presence of radar, as well as to the possibility of being citied for excessive speed. The result? Speed reduction. Improved driving awareness. And increased safety.

Since 1976... Factory-Direct manufacturers of the Latest Innovations in law-enforcement Radar Trailers and other cost-effective speed-monitoring devices.

See our "PRODUCTS" page to check out our series of affordable, user-friendly, and reliable radar trailers that add Creative Efficiency to Law Enforcement. ALL US Traffic Controls trailers and signs are backed by a solid 1-year limited warranty. Replacement parts can be shipped overnight.


US Traffic Controls now offers models for Privately Administered Speed-Control Locations, including:

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